Nuclear Exodus

Running time: 3 hours

 - It is 3 hours long, but if you had any doubts about the dangers of radiation and it’s effects on our health, or where we as a species are destined… this is your wake up call. This documentary is not just about Fukushima, it takes a look at the IAEA, WHO and the cover-up of the actual death tolls caused by radiation released by nuclear testing and Chernobyl. It exposes with video evidence that people are in fact dying to this day from Chernobyl related illnesses despite the claims by the IAEA and WHO. In your face evidence of people having their lives and families destroyed by nuclear energy. It is so important that people wake up because if Chernobyl was this bad, Fukushima is going to be astronomically worse.

According to the filmmaker of this documentary, the first two hours are a nightmare beyond description, a journey through hell and back, but if you stay the course the final hour will offer you a truly glorious solution.

Directed by: Unknown
Language: English


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